Stemmekontaktene velges for ett år. Stemmekontaktene skal

  • være stemmegruppens kontaktperson imot styret
  • føre oppmøteliste for stemmegruppen på øvinger og konserter
  • bistå til best mulig samarbeid i koret
  • følge opp nye medlemmer og bidra til at de finner seg godt til rette i koret


Sopran: Tove Meistad
Alt: Turid Agøy
Tenor: Hallgeir Hagen
Bass: Stein Almo

2 thoughts on “Stemmekontakter

  1. I heard your choir sing in Hotel Chopin and In St Mary’s Church, Kracow (Sunday 19th October). I was really impressed and would like to have a more permanent reminder. Have they made a CD, and if so, is it possible to obtain one? I spoke to some of your members as my son is due to start lecturing in aeronautical engineering at Trondheim University from February 2015 and I would love to tell him about you all. Unfortunately, I do not speak Norwegian, so cannot understand everything on your website. If this is not the correct site, please advise me.
    Thanking you for a brilliant performance

    Diana Worth

    • Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your kind words. We are a joyful group of people who love to sing, so we are so grateful for your message. We have unfortunately not recorded a CD, so you will have to just keep us in your memory. You are more than welcome to come to one of our concerts in Trondheim if you are planning to visit your son here. We use to have concerts during the spring, and also summer and winter time. If your son want to join our choir, he are more than welcome to come and try out. We have only a small and informal audition for new singers with our conductor. He can send an email to if he want to come and try. We hope you had a great time in Krakow.

      Best regards,
      Jorunn Beate Foss

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